What’s in a Name

Vayeitzei 2020
Genesis 28:10-32:3

The Sages teach us in this parasha story which refers to events that transpired with Jacob: in Ecclesiastes there is a verse that talks about the sun rising and setting. The sun set early so that Jacob would have to sleep in Beth-El on his way to Haran, and it rose early on him in order to heal him on his journey to Haran. Upon reading this report by the Sage I could see that Jacob’s story is about our own soul’s life journey. We are on a journey to Haran, the place Creator Himself dwells. We arrive at Beth-El, (a Holy Name for G-d) a state here in the physical world. While in Beth-el we sleep indicating our journey in this life, the sun setting. While sleeping we wrestle with our carnal nature until its overcome; the sun rising, indicating we continue to Haran (another Holy Name for G-d).

It is said “The whole Torah is but the names of the Creator.” The meaning of attainment is that “what we do not attain, we do not define by a name.” It is written in the books that all these names are the reward of the souls, compelled to come into the body, for it is precisely through the body that it can attain the names of the Creator, and it’s stature is according to it’s attainment.” If we read the Torah from the stand-point that all we read there, including Jacob, are names of G-d. The Torah, weather written or oral is YHVH’s.

We often read these Torah stories for what they appear to be, just stories. However when we realize in reading the story we are literally reading the identity of G-d’s through His Name. It’s the name that gives us understanding of the identity and nature of the Creator. We begin to see the hidden secrets of the Torah. We can begin to crack what I call the code. There is a code there, found in G-d’s name.

First the person has to believe that the Torah contains all the knowledge anyone would ever need to arrive at “Haran”. As we are sleeping in Beth-el, G-d in his mercy has given us a road map to assist us on our sleeping journey. Everything other than Torah is only a commentary on the Torah to help us to decode the Torah. I have always thought it best to go to the source when one desires the path of truth and light. One of the rewards of direct connections with G-d’s Name is direct communication. This is what we call revelation. Revelation is having that Name come alive inside of you. If His name is alive, then Microsoft Office User so must be the characteristics of that name. One of the most common rewards of decoding the Torah.

At times when we see Haran a far off, we desire to attain the name of the Creator. Our regret is only that we did not recognize nor agonize over the secret meanings to the Torah.

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2 years ago

Aleksei Fedorovich Losev on God’s Name is God —
He explains that Imiaslavie has devised this “mystical formula,” which needs to be spelled out:
… the exact mystical formula of Imiaslavie will sound like this: a) the name of God is energy of God, inseparable from the essence of God itself, and therefore is God himself. b) However, God is distinct from His energies and from His name, and that is why God is not His name or a name in general…