Things to Put Right

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Revelation received by President John Taylor December 25, Christmas Day, 1884. 

  1. There are some things that ought to be put right.
  2. Some time ago there was word given for the brethren and their families to put themselves in order before the LORD;
  3. And it is necessary that these things should be carried out, for there has been a negligence in some of these matters;
  4. And if My people and priesthood desire My blessing and guidance and protection, they must and shall be subject to My Law.
  5. And it is necessary that the various quorums of the Priesthood should place themselves right before Me, saith the LORD;
  6. And that as individuals they should place themselves in that position, for if they do not they have no claim upon My blessing or My protection.
  7. A day of trouble and anxiety and sorrow and judgment will soon overtake this nation, and other nations– it is nigh at hand.
  8. And the inhabitants of Zion must purge themselves from iniquity, folly, covetousness, and vanity, and listen to and obey My laws, or they cannot have My protection–for I the LORD will not be mocked.
  9. But the wrongdoer shall receive the just recompense of reward; and the sinners in Zion shall be afraid;
  10. And fearfulness shall also take hold of the wicked and the ungodly that are in your midst.
  11. And if you, My people, obey My law, and keep My commandments to do them, not in name only, but in reality,
  12. I will be your shield and protector, and your strong tower– and no man shall be able to hurt you, for I will be your defense.
  13. Therefore, humble yourselves before Me, and purify yourselves that your acts and doings may be acceptable before Me.
  14. For if you do not, you will share in the condemnation of the wicked.
  15. Therefore, listen to the counsels of those whom I have appointed, and seek not your own will and way, but the will of the Lord your God.
  16. For by Him only can you be sustained in the time of trouble which is fast approaching. Even so, Amen.
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