Seeking the Straight Path

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Revelation given to Douglas Hatten June 7, 2020. In preface to this revelation, Brother Hatten has stated: “Knowing well that this word applies to myself, I beg your forgiveness for any part of this that may have been contaminated by my own thoughts. I tried my best to relay what was given to me, though putting into words some of the understanding that was transferred to me in an instant, with that perfect language of heaven, can be a challenge.”

  1. ¶ The word from the Lord came to me while watching the interview with R. Loren Sandford; the video was very insightful.
  2. It included many confirmations and additional insight into prophetic ministry in the Church that we need to consider.
  3. It also stirred up many things in my spirit, and as I was listening to something in particular that was said, the Holy Spirit caused me to comprehend deep down in my soul just how difficult it was for the Lord to get His message out in purity, even when it passes through the most devout and gifted of prophets.
  4. A word can be given in purity, but then often it is filtered through the prophet’s own preconceived notions.
  5. This is something the prophets need to be more and more aware of as something to avoid at all cost for the sake of the Body of Christ.
  6. ¶ And as I began to ponder this revelation, the Lord spoke and said: Your politics are an abomination to Me.
  7. In the same moment the words came, in that very instant, a perfect understanding of what He meant by those words filled me.
  8. My mind and my heart swelled with comprehension; I was given to know that the Your in Your politics was not personal to me, but to the Body of Christ (the Church), which included me,
  9. And I was also given to know that by politics He meant the political views of both the left and the right.
  10. I was shown that the political division, strife, and contention in the World had so thoroughly infiltrated the Church that she was made filthy by it in His sight.
  11. ¶ But abomination, Lord? It was an awfully strong word.
  12. Again, almost instantly, I was shown, in-depth, the deep levels of pollution from it, that skewed our view of almost everything.
  13. This problem, along with the sins of the flesh and also a profound luke-warmness in the Body of Christ had caused the light in the Church to be almost extinguished.
  14. ¶ This time of Covid-19 is a space in time in which we need to repent of these three things;
  15. But on this occasion, the Lord wanted to emphasize the problem of politics in the church, because it is the only sin, out of the three, which is not even currently understood to be a problem by most,
  16. And Satan is currently using it to great effect—often causing the Word of the Lord to be contaminated by the prophets since many hold so tenaciously to their political worldview that they judge their fellow-man and hold anger in their hearts.
  17. ¶ I wondered if we should then avoid politics altogether? The Lord did not answer that, but the Spirit reminded me that we cannot win this fight by use of force, by argument and debate, or even by casting votes.
  18. I was shown that this present system will not be redeemed, it will ultimately fall.
  19. So how much time should we spend on it? It has served its purpose in its due season, but we are now entering a new season under the sun; what has served us in the past will not necessarily serve us in the future.
  20. It is not our calling to steer the United States of America either to the right or to the left, but instead to birth the Kingdom in its midst.
  21. We have no time to waste: we must rise above the strife and contentions of this world and build up the Kingdom of Light right in the very midst of the darkness we presently dwell in.
  22. ¶ We are here to preach Christ not only in word, but in POWER and the HOLY GHOST so that we can present the World with a choice.
  23. To reveal and contrast the difference between the Fruit of the Spirit and the Works of the Flesh.
  24. The TIME IS SHORT! What we have been doing as the Church will not give birth to the Kingdom: it is time for a change.
  25. ¶ We know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain …. for the earnest expectation of the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.
  26. We are called to be a light to the world, a city set on a hill, but instead we are too often found down in the ditches, slinging the mud with the rest of the world.
  27. ¶ The Holy Spirit spoke and said: There is a ditch on either side of the straight and narrow path; one on the left and one on the right: Satan works to drive us to whichever side we choose.
  28. I instinctively knew He wasn’t just asking us to be a political moderate or a centrist, He was showing us a higher way, the path of righteousness that rises above the contention and transforms the heart of man.
  29. ¶ I then saw a vision of Jesus answering Pontius Pilate, saying: My Kingdom is not of this world.
  30. ¶ The amount of depth I was able to comprehend in that word, and the implications of it for the church were so staggering, I don’t even know how to put it into words. A book could be written!
  31. ¶ And then I saw Jesus answering others saying: Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.
  32. ¶ The darkness in the world really does reflect the lack of light in the church.
  33. ¶ We MUST become the real deal – the living Body of Christ in POWER and AUTHORITY so that we may impact this world for good.
  34. The only way we can accomplish this is to do it HIS way, the Gospel way, with the power and authority that can come only from the profound love of Jesus Christ residing in our hearts for our fellow man.
  35. Love will conquer all: Not anger, Not strife, Not debate.
  36. The true love of Jesus Christ can only come as a result of a heart that has been truly changed by the presence of the Living God.
  37. In order to seek Him, we must firmly forsake every darkness and come into the light.
  38. We must come to Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, entering into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise.
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3 years ago

Absolutely true. Christ has said that if we are not one, we are not his, and we all need to ask ourselves if we are ready to step out of the old paradigm and prepare for the Kingdom of God.