Making the Shift from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age

“And these will seek out and teach all those seeking my name, not to build up a kingdom unto men, but unto me; therefore it matereth not if these should join my Fellowship, so long as they find their home in me they are a part of my vineyard and my Church shall be with them as they gather with others in my name.” -Doctrines of the Saints 6b:17-18

We have now entered into the Aquarian age. This also indicates a change in the frequency  of our world, just as every cycle indicates. Looking at it from the Latter Day Saint (LDS) point of view and the teachings of the LDS movement in past years has been a focus on being in the telestial realm. This could also be translated as the Piscean age. The point of the LDS faith was to reinforce that we were not ready for anything more then that level of consciousness.

Moving into the Aquarian age changes the frequency and moves us from the LDS perspective from the Telestial to the terrestrial.  With the change in frequency comes a shift in consciousness or at least it should for the majority of the people. This shift began over a hundred years ago,. It actually began in a more obvious way, just as Joseph Smith Jr. brought the restoration which was actually the initiation of the Aquarian age 200 years ago. This change to the Aquarian age has now brought us up to a higher level of awareness as well as a higher level of consciousness. Again I tie this to frequency. And as we now leave behind the Piscean age and the old frequencies and the old consciousness, we are still clinging to what is familiar. This is human nature.

The frequency of the Aquarian age is Self-Transcendence. Transcendence means leaving behind the old and looking towards the new. This is a shift in frequency. We can choose to align with it and allow it to flow through us or we can resist it. Resisting it will only bring forth disintegration and break down as mother Mary was explaining in the dictation I posted last night on the Council of Elders thread. This is one of the Celestial laws also known as Cosmic law among the Ascended Master Teachings. Quoting the teaching directly;  

“This is simply the second law of thermodynamics in action. When you have a closed system, entropy – meaning disorder and chaos – will increase until the inherent tensions in the system become more obvious. This will give people an opportunity to transcend it, and if they do not transcend it, the system will break down from within, implode, or will go into a conflict with an external force and will thereby break down.”

We have witnessed this throughout the ages, whenever resistance to change comes about. Mary has addressed us and gave a deadline of the year 2020 and an ultimatum addressing all of Christendom and the Christian religion in particular. This includes the restoration movement as well as any religion that doesn’t come into alignment with the new frequencies. The resistance to the new frequencies of transcendence can not stand in the Aquarian age.

As Doug Hatten wrote in his recent book, “We are moving from the church age to the kingdom age,” From the age of Pisces to Aquarius. Whatever is unwilling to move will get left behind.

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