Lishma vrs “Love”

I am writing this mostly to understand myself better. I know there are nuts and bolts that apply to Lishma. Some of those I know what they are, many I do not know and can only learn as I participate or observe others who experience the condition called lishma.

Now this maybe my own fault because I am accepting their words of experience as the Lishma I have experienced. However, there are signs and token of truth that let me know of the genuineness of the level of Lishma being experienced.

A real good example of this is when my daughters talk about loving someone, in their expression I can hear the thoughts and ideas of the world, or society all mixed into their thinking and thought processes. I know they are not talking about Lishma. They are talking about the feelings that the world calls “love”, I will not go into all the definitions people put on the word love, but only try to describe the Lishma of the divine, holy, clean, pure sensation given by the One who Owns it.

When I recognize a person has entered into the realm of Lishma I, myself, have a responding receptive connecting experience with them. I become a part of force that is moving upon both of us. This is what I experience with Teresa, Rick, and Jeff, and others.

I do know there is a period of grace in which we get to feel, the Lion of Fire, the depth of connectedness with the Creator. In That condition there are no words to express – it’s pure sensation. I also know we will move into a state of “purposeful guidance” where the destructive shadow is removed from us, as Gafni says.

When I was first learning I called this removal, Phase Two. Phase One –sublime, two – pain. I learned there is purpose for phase two and over the years have been grateful for phase two because more than anything I want Phase One to be my state of beingness. That is why I call this Lishma condition, a state of grace. While we have desire and have asked for such an endowment of holiness, we cannot bring it about by ourselves. It is a pure gift from its Owner. To be able to abide in this heavenly place requires understanding, knowledge, submission, faithfulness. Phase two also appears because the world cannot support, condone, accept the purity of this gift. Please do not mistake the Gift of the Pure Love of Christ, as unconditional love, nor the rising of the Kundalini, not even close.

Phase two is not a test, not a purification process. There are higher laws and truths, that govern this condition. When the grace period is over, we then receive purposeful guidance through the learning of the governing forces, the magnificent truth of how to live with in a non-receptive world with wisdom. Another very important aspect to be understood here is that once the endowment is received IT NEVER GOES AWAY. You will experience both phase one and phase two sometimes simultaneously, but the condition is always there.

One of the wonderful aspects of Lishma, is when another person is there, you are both there together. When a person with whom I have experienced Lishma with, move into phase two, it affects me deeply because of our connection with each other. This is a two-fold encounter; on one hand, a great loss is experienced, on the other hand because there are “truths” that govern this state, which are not given through the endowment, G-d wants us to know those truths, so that all shadows are removed.

For me one of the most difficult aspect of Lishma is so we can know, see the quantum personality or variables of this  condition. That is why Gafni called it a mystery. I consider it a great privilege to even think alone these lines.

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Me myself and i
Me myself and i
2 years ago

What a wonderful article

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
2 years ago

Thank you for this sublime presentation of this concept. Lishma. No words can truly express this the way you have here. Lots the to ponder on. Transcendent.