In The Beginning

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Many years ago I joined a group that were reading “The Artist Way”. One of the skills the book encouraged people to develop their creativeness was to write three pages every day. If we would do that, the book promised it would unlock the blocks we were having that keep us from being creative. These pages were to follow the free flow of consciousness, ignore periods, paragraphs, and grammar, just write.So I began – the book said it didn’t matter what we wrote even if the only thing we wrote was the word “nothing” or “I can’t think of anything to write” on the pages. In the beginning there were several pages like that. Many pages were short of the three. However just as the advice the book gave began to unfold, my mind became freer, and so did my creativity, and so did the amount of pages I ended up writing.

Looking back now upon my three pages, as I continued to persevere, I found my pages followed a pattern. At first my page contained what was outside of me at that moment. Slowly, as I continued, to my pleasure what was inside of me began to emerge and fill the pages. Towards the end, to my surprise and delight the connection I recognized I had with G-d began to flow out of me. There were plenty of times when the process would stop in the middle of the pattern. I could only disclose myself, that in itself was enlightening and satisfying. As I wrote I always hoped for the emergence of that part of me that was connected to my higher power.

Many of the others in the group were artist, musicians, painters, and writers of poetry, and books, I do not know what happened to them, if their creative juices flowed them to success, and satisfaction. I have been writing three pages for years and have fill volumes. I found the path of writing to be so satisfying I continue to write with the style of free flow. There came a time when the words of the spirit came through more and more and those are the things I would like to share with people. I am not going to bore you with the beginning years, they were pretty boring and mundane. I also hope you will over-look the grammar, mistakes and errors, because I am not having my writing edited beyond my own. I am hoping this will encourage you to free up your own creativity, no matter how it sounds. So I am writing this blog in which my personal development unfolds, and in the midst there is a voice that is much more than mine.

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