God is Father-God is Mother, Never One without the Other

“And he said unto me, Nephi, what beholdest thou? And I said unto him, A virgin, most beautiful and fair above all other virgins.” -1 Nephi 3:54b-55, 11:14b-15 OPV

Mother Mary represents the feminine aspect of the Godhead. For Mary as well as Jesus, their lifetimes were their final initiations for the ascension. Both Jesus and Mary attained Godhood at the end of their lifetimes and took their places in the Spiritual Hierarchy as well as leaving a record in the etheric realms of this event for posterity.  Jesus reminded us throughout his ministry he  was the way shower, to remind us that we could do all that he could and more if we followed in his footsteps.

In order to clearly define the role of the Divine Mother I must preface it with points to keep in mind as we explore more deeply two aspects of God.

There is the one Creator which is the Infinite, which is un-divided, in-divisible. Yet that infinite Creator has expressed itself in the world of form. The indivisible Creator has expressed itself AS form, and has embedded its own Being in form. It has created everything out of its own Being. Even though there is still an aspect of God that is the undivided Creator, God has also divided itself into the world of form, through union with the “Ma-ter Light”. This is an expression of the Divine Mother. Ma-ter Light. God the Father is not separated or distinct from God the Mother in the way we think of it, based on gender roles on Earth. God the Mother is another expression of God the Father.

God the Father and God the Mother are naturally beyond human sexuality.

The transference of human qualities upon God is the very essence of the duality consciousness and the ego. The ego uses the duality consciousness to build a mental image of the world, and then it projects it upon everything. The ego seeks ultimate validation for its mental images, and it does so by projecting those images upon God, saying that God actually created the image or that the image is not an image but represents God’s reality.

It is for you to understand that in order to create a world of form, the Infinite God must manifest itself as a polarity to itself, by manifesting itself as a state of Being that can take on finite form. This Being, this state of Being, of the expressed God, is indeed the polarity to the unexpressed God. The transcendent, unexpressed God is the Divine Father, and the expressed God is the Divine Mother.

Creator has expressed itself as form, has embedded its own Being in form, has created everything out of its own Being. Even though there is still an aspect of God that is the undivided Creator, God has also divided itself into the world of form, the Ma-ter light that has taken on form. Although there is a transcendent God, who sometimes you may feel is beyond your reach. Yet God has another aspect, namely the Divine Feminine, who is not beyond your reach.  In fact, She is very close to you. For each of you are an extension of, an expression of, an individualization of, the Divine Feminine, expressed as the Divine Mother. All forms in this Universe are expressions of the Divine Mother.  Everything has the Divine Feminine embedded within it. And thus, God the Father is never separated from Her as he is never separated from you. For, as Jesus said, the Kingdom of God is within you.

The most common illusion found on this planet, is namely that God is separated from God’s creation. Each one of you, both male and female are created from God’s own Being, and thus, can never be separated from Him who is your source. You must transcend your current image of God and see Him as both Feminine and Masculine. The transcendent God that is beyond form, and the God that is expressing itself as form through the perfect balance with the Divine Feminine, but yet is still the transcendent God who cannot be trapped in any particular form. As soon as that is done, we as humans have created a graven image. He is formless, limitless, pure consciousness and can not be confined to any mortal construct, any form or image.

We see that God is Father-Mother, we see the one within the other.
As God, the Mother is adored, the sacred balance is restored.
When Father-Mother are as one, from union born is God the Son.
The Son will free us from all strife, as we accept his gift of Life.

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