The Digital Age of Missionary Work

The task of the Christian today, as in the past, is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, the methods used today are different from those of the past, as the world has changed and the tools have also changed with it.

In the past seekers were found by talking on the street and knocking on doors, this was how the gospel was preached. Jesus moved from square to square and preached most of the time outdoors.

Today people can be overwhelmed by the many commitments in their lives. We hurry from place to place and are less and less willing to allow complete strangers to enter our homes to share the Gospel message. Often the main way to communicate with others, even among close friends, is via the Internet.

The very nature of missionary work must change to allow the Lord to fulfill His work of gathering Israel from the four corners of the earth. Today we as missionaries have the internet as a tool to continue the work of sharing the Gospel.

In this new era it is necessary to invite young and old, from all over the world to use Facebook and social media, sharing Gospel message of unity, love, and acceptance in Christ, becoming active instruments of missionary work. This call is valid for every disciple of Jesus Christ in every one of Christ’s churches.

Now the Lord is calling all His disciples and ministers to serve in this new way in His great work. His disciples must change their way of thinking about finding seekers and adapt to the times that are changing. The greatest and most important duty for us as Christians is to preach the Gospel and invite people to come to Christ, helping them to find the Gospel through faith, repentance, baptism, the giving of the gift of the Holy Spirit and enduring to the end.

By virtue of our belonging to the Church of Christ, each of us is called and charged with inviting people to come to Christ. Certainly there has never been such an exciting time to be engaged in the work of the Lord. In a world where it is really easy to share one’s testimony, the kingdom of God will certainly expand, until it fills the whole earth

May we always be united in fulfilling our missionary purpose of helping others come to the peace of knowing Christ. May we be a light and an example for the whole earth and in particular for those children of God who are seeking the blessings of the Lord. This is my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Translated from the original article in Italian.

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3 years ago

I want to be a missionary evangelist world wide to reach the gospel of Christ round the world and die for Christ.
I promise to save God and win souls am a passionate oil winner which is the heart bit of God .
I will like to join you miniature as a missionary